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Campione del Mondo della Pizza


I come from a restaurateurs family: I've always had the passion for good food and the ability to satisfy even the most refined and demanding palates (and people give it to me). My grandparents managed Trattoria "Ai Gatti Mori" in Sant'Elena d'Este (Padua), where I opened my first pizzeria. During military service I worked in the canteen and then in various venues and restaurants in Veneto region, deciding that my role would be the gourmet pizza chef. And it still is today, thanks to creativity and inventiveness, combined with strong determination and a good star

In 1995 I opened my first pizza restaurant, Penelope, which I displaced to Padua five years later. I love the challenges and in 1997 I felt ready to try my hand at skill competitions, first on a national and then international level. Satisfactions and successes already came at an early stage. Later, in 2004, I opened a chain of take-away pizzerias, L'Ora della Pizza

Gianni Calaon
Il Campione del Mondo della Pizza

In a short time I joined the Italian National Pizza Makers Team and I started traveling, going to the US, in Las Vegas, and to Japan, in Tokyo. The very many international experiences led me to the most recent activity in Wuhan, in China, where Meraviglioso pizzerias chain is developing under my brand: a great success in Chinese style

When I first started, I aspired to distinguish myself, relying on characteristics of uniqueness, and offering not just a different product, but completely original: that's why so many people come to my pizzerias (best of all, Rivoluzione Pizza), and that's what my professional clients, for whom I act as a consultant and tutor, can count on; it's the same for those I teach in my professional courses

Gianni Calaon
La pizza del Campione del Mondo

In the pizzas I like balance of flavors. Aesthetics, tastes and aromas have to be married: I'm demanding creative and to me the visual impact is fundamental. We all first eat with our eyes. Then, I love local food smell and flavor. I like classic pizza, in its round shape, but my trademark is paddle pizza, for two or three people

My pizza is crunchy, as deep-dish as right, and designed to be light and digestible. The first secret is in the dough, a well-kept secret, but I can reveal the second, which lies in the dosage of ingredients: none prevails and the whole is resolved in a harmonious concert of flavors and aromas. I love when, as in Cooking Shows, I can explain choices and combinations

La pizza del Campione del Mondo della Pizza
I trofei di Gianni Calaon

I've always been told that very few do what I do. I love my job, which gives me continuous incentives to grow and improve as a professional. Winning four world championships made me understand the responsibility to meet people demands by always offering something more



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